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Life inside of a bar
Published on May 19, 2004 By KowGirl In Humor
You know... it seems that inside a bar is nothing but drunks that have nothing better to do than sit around and brag about their exaggerated acomplishments throughout life.
Reality? Yes, they are drunks. However.... the stories they tell are filled with so much passion I cannot help but listen.
I work at a bar in which the majority of customers are some sort of contractor. Whether it be a pipefitter, a floorlayer, a brickpointer, a carpenter, a roofer, a drywaller (which I have had the privilege of learning is extremely difficult to do!)
I have met so many interesting people in my year at The Last Shot than I have met in my lifetime.
I have also met a very interesting cat. He's tall, lean and black. His name? Scootch. Which is very befitting.
Scootch and I didn't get along when we first encountered each other. But somewhere along the way we came to an unspoken understanding.
Scootch is a cat that demands respect as he strolls along the bar, his head held high as if to say, "This is my bar. And I am watching you."
Scootch doesn't like to be touched. But there are some men who's lap he will lay on and give the approval of being pet.
An entertaining cat, he'll jump up and turn the Yuengling Lager light on that sits on the wall above the bathroom doors. He's super with a rolled up dollar bill as Danny tosses it in the air and Scootch catches it, showing his talon-like claws. Scootch is the only cat I have ever met in my lifetime that fetches.
He watches the front door to make a break only to run up the tree out front or around the corner under a car. Most times he opts for the tree. What is it with cats and trees?
Danny (my boss) loves this cat with all his heart and soul. If the bar burned down he wouldn't care as long as Scootch made it out safely.
I admire that.

Most of my customers are regulars. We get a few stragglers here and there. The popular round is a bottle of Coors Light and a shot of Blackhaus.

on May 19, 2004
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