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Published on May 19, 2004 By KowGirl In Current Events
Okay... So, we have all heard the "shocking" story revolving around the war in Iraq. Prisoner abuse and humiliation. U.S. Military soldiers that lack so much common sense that they decide to have pictures taken while they violate laws stipulated by the Geneva Convention.
My personal opinion?
All of it was staged. I'm sure that people in the military know what they are permitted and not permitted to do.
Let's say for arguments sake that they want to rough up some prisoners a little bit. I'm sure they would have gotten away with it had there been no pictures taken.
When a person wants to break a rule or law the last thing to do is have evidence lying around or have someone snap photos to put in the "Remember When" photo album.
It all seems a little too perfect and convenient to me.
So, why was it staged? Well, before all of this took place all I was hearing about at work and on the news was how our soldiers were dying and the war itself.
Now, instead of President Bush being scrutinized for poor handling of the war in Iraq, the headlines are about the abuse scandal.
This war is not about trying to liberate a country that wishes not to be liberated. This war has nothing to do with 9/11. This war is about oil. I'm sure we have all noticed the gas prices that seem to sky rocket every other week. We need oil and Iraq has the oil we need.
I'm sure that when it was all put on paper it looked like a fairly easy plan. Send our troops to Iraq, kick their asses, get Iraq to join the United Nations and get all the oil we need. It always looks easier on paper.
The war is not going according to plan. President Bush is not looking like a hero. Throw in a few U.S. soldiers who record their "insubordination" and voila! Diversion successfully achieved.

on May 19, 2004
A little too much consipiracy theorist for me... 1) dishonorable behavior by troops embarrasses the administration and may result in the loss of Rumsfeld. 2) The troops' behavior has caused retaliation by terrorists upon American hostages. I doubt the gov't wouldn't realize this and it isn't an acceptable loss. 3) this causes more scrutiny on the administration, not less. 4) a war going well will result in less at the pump. If that's our goal, and it is, and we had the war "under control" as it seems you indicate by our ability to conspire a distraction USING our troops, I think we'd be paying less. 4) this dishonors Americans all over the world. We care what others think, even if its not as much as some think we should. 5) This hasn't acheived anything worthwhile. 6) The photos are the result of pride, prejudice (forgive the previous procession), punnishment, and a warped sense of justice. I think the troops probably need some sort of leave -- perhaps their tours have been too long without a break. These pictured are taking photos for the boiled down reason of pride.

I cannot imagine them letting a woman work anywhere near the actual prisoners. This is all the more an abomination the the captives because they (for the most part) do not value women above dogs, livestock, or other property in their culture. A woman reigning over them this way is par with the torture itself. A woman who has accomplished as much as this woman has to be in this position and then who has probably been spoken to as a dog by the prisoners is only being taunted to use her power in a warped way. Perhaps THATs what happened.
on May 19, 2004
My opinion on what I thought was just that; an opinion. Do I really think that orders came all the way from The President to tell the soldiers to do that? No, I do not.
My title "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words" was pretty much that. Only those in the photo know why it was done. Further more, who knows if the picture is even real or not.. In the day and age of "Cutting, croping, copying and pasting" anyone can make a picture of anything.
I threw more than one theory out there.... none of them provable, making them just what they are. Theories.
I appreciate your feedback.
I do know that simply by the female military soldier guarding them with a gun angered them very much. Because, as you said, the men of that country hold women beneath vermin. I only know this first hand because I worked for men from that country and they wound up firing me because "I was too smart for them - and did not dress appropriately."

Anyway, I sincerely thank you for your feedback and thank you more for making a valid argument.